I consider myself a Magpie of sorts, a life-long collector of visual impressions.  As a child, I lived in Kenya, where vibrant hues and bold patterns dominate textiles and where the landscape we explored on family camping safaris was vast and untamed.  All around me, creativity and resourcefulness abounded and they are traits I value to this day.

I am a maker of useful things.  I spent three years cobbling together a series of part-time apprenticeships in Virginia, honing my craft and developing a personal aesthetic that reimagines my surroundings with rich colors and subtle textures.  My little studio is tucked into the rolling Appalachian foothills near the Shenandoah River in lovely and historic Harpers Ferry, West Virginia.  It's nearly impossible to avoid unearthing potsherds whenever I work in the garden, and I love knowing that in the making of my work I continue an historical tradition.  My handpainted designs and carved tiles reflect many simple things I hold dear . . . green ferns unfurling from a forest floor; a cheerful patch of zinnias; the sound of nesting songbirds.

Designed to mix and match, my pottery is intended for use; it's also oven and dishwasher safe. With a little care, it will serve you well.  Enjoy!